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Old Favourites Bring Back Traditional Taste

Old Favourites Bring Back Traditional Taste

This popular curry food stall is located in a coffee shop, which is situated in an old residential district. The residential buildings are spaciously placed apart and most of the apartments have already been vacated.

Most of the shops here have also vacated and only a handful of shops are still in business. However, lunch time brings a huge crowd as diners would occupy all available seats in the coffee shop.

They come from neighbouring offices where people would either walk or drive here to have their meals. It is hard to imagine that in such a quiet neighbourhood, you would find a food stall that is running brisk business.

There is a wide variety of curry dishes here. We have mutton, pork ribs, mixed vegetables etc. and we strongly recommend curry fish ( $6 ) and curry chicken ( $3.50 ). The speciality here is the unique recipes, the taste of the aromatic, spicy curry will leave your throat with a burning sensation.

The owner of this stall uses different spices to create a curry sauce that creates an explosive of flavours, rich in texture and wonderfully addictive.

I have never tasted such an intensely flavourful curry and one that I would recommend. Even though it can be fairly spicy, I would not mind because it is so delicious.

The same curry spices, cooked with different ingredients, offer different taste sensation to diners. With fish meat, the curry tastes refreshing and light. With chicken, the curry is slightly sweet and creamy. I personally like fish curry with rice. Even though the fish tastes slightly overcooked, nothing can compare to a combination of refreshing curry with lady’s fingers and tomatoes.

The best combination with chicken curry is toasted bread that is crispy on the outside and soft in the inside.Dip the toasted bread in the thick curry sauce, the taste is delightfully good. The well-cooked potatoes are soft which enhances the flavours even more.

The spiciness is not overwhelming set highly appetizing. The spiciness of the curry dishes would at times cause a mild gastrointestinal burning sensation afteryour meal. Would advise drinking lots of water and herbal tea.

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