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Franchising Opportunities

If you've arrived at this page, you're probably thinking about starting an F&B business.


Before you decide anything, allow us to answer some of the biggest questions that you may be wondering about right now... 


Why take up a Franchise with Na Na Curry over other food brands

How much is it to start a "Na Na Curry"  

🍛 Franchise the "Michelin Bib Gourmand" Branded Food

Singapore is a Food Paradise, and we are blessed with a wide variety of food choices.


As a result, Singaporeans are "trained" to be very picky eaters. We are more than willing to travel far for good food


Or join a queue and wait for more than 30 minutes just for a bowl of goodness...

To succeed in a F&B business venture, there is ONE criteria that MANY are unable to achieve - taste amazingly good.

Just by saying that Na Na Curry tastes amazingly good is not convincing enough.

Michelin Bib Gourmand-2020 red-03.jpg

We have been awarded the prestigious Michelin Bib Gourmand Award for not just one year... but 5 consecutive years

Customers do not even need to taste it to know that our curry tastes amazingly good.


We believe we have the winning curry recipe to win your customers' hearts... 

🍛 Support Given

Many F&B stall owners don't have the time to do any promotions or marketing.


They also don't have a central kitchen and factory to manufacture the core ingredients the stall will need...


These will be taken care of - from marketing, promotions, curry paste professionally cooked and vacuum sealed for you as well as training. 

🍛 Is This Really For You?

Who is this for?


The quality of food sold at any of the Na Na Curry stall is most important.


It is compulsory for the owner of the stall to be working and cooking the curry and be personally responsible for the quality of the food.

Cooking "Sense"

Having a basic sense of how cooking works will greatly help to speed up the learning process.

F&B Experience

Not compulsory, but will be an added advantage. 

Positive Attitude

It is not easy to manage an F&B business... hours and environment might not be for everyone...

Who is this NOT for?

 Investor / Big Boss Model

The franchise is not suitable for people looking to just "throw in money" and "eye-power"

Hates Cooking

A food franchise will need cooking. 

If you hate to cook, this is SURELY not for you.

Poor Attitude

It's negative to work with someone with poor attitude. 

Please do not apply if anyone has said that you have a "poor attitude"

If you fulfil the above criteria, we sincerely think that franchising Na Na Curry is not for you, sorry!


Keen to Find Out More? 

Fill in the form below to receive a "Na Na Curry Franchise Discovery Document", where we will tell you:

  • How much it costs to start a Na Na Curry stall?

  • How much it costs to operate a Na Na Curry stall monthly?

  • Who is suitable to operate a Na Na Curry stall?

  • What is the next step?

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