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Tarzan The Wonder Car Full Hd Movie Free Download




The film features Himesh Reshammiya, Shilpa Shirodkar and Boman Irani in the lead roles. Ashok Roy (Irrfan Khan) is the founder of All World Industries and he is in search of India’s first super car. He goes to a country called Taarzan and meets its ruler named Bajrang Datta (Himesh Reshammiya). Bajrang Datta is a small-minded, stubborn and rude guy. He does not want to share the car and, therefore, he wants to get the car on his own. On the other hand, Ashok wants Bajrang Datta to make the car fly. On this basis, the father-daughter love story begins. Bajrang Datta’s friend Raju, who wants to get the car for himself, enters the story. It is the same friend who has three sons. Raju’s first son Rocky (Johny Lever) has a crush on Bajrang Datta’s daughter Sugni (Shilpa Shirodkar). So, Rocky and Sugni will play a major role in this film. After making the car fly, Bajrang Datta learns that the car is capable of making people talk. As soon as the car flies, people hear sounds and see shapes. By using that, Bajrang Datta uses the car to play tricks. He throws a plate and a knife on to the ground and shows that the plate and the knife can fly. When people go to catch the plate and knife, they end up with a broken nose or a mouth. And many people think that this is their punishment for not catching the plate and knife. On this basis, Bajrang Datta throws a plate on to the ground and uses the car to catch the plate. He shows his father and mother that the plate can fly. They both feel surprised and angry that the plate can fly. The car does not fly again. So, Bajrang Datta decides to hold a contest in which the person who catches the plate will marry his daughter Sugni. The contest is held and soon everyone goes to catch the plate. Everyone becomes keen to catch the plate. Raju’s second son Jai Dutt (Boman Irani) and Rocky’s girlfriend Loveleen (Sasha Ali) come to catch the plate. Then, Bajrang Datta’s servant Chimku comes




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Tarzan The Wonder Car Full Hd Movie Free Download

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